i’d give anything to meet taylorswift you guys honestly have no idea

October 13th


so happy so so happy, Taylor is probably smiling crazy and like “wow I love you guys so much and that alone is an understatement” - Taylor THANK YOU FOR DOING SO MUCH FOR US. THIS IS HOW WE PAY YOU BACK. YOU HAVE OUR BACKS AND WE HAVE YOURS. IT IS ALL MUTUAL. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND CONGRATS FOR SLAYING YOURSELF AND NOW OUT OF THE WOODS IS NUMBER ONE BABY!!! We LOVE YOU!! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE

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actual pictures of me listening to out of the woods I literally cannot control myself right now. taylorswift you have once again slayed my life I am forever proud and I’m still crying and I’m just I love you so much.

October 13th 1

I: “Favorite place you’ve been on tour?”

A: “We stopped in a place called Yakima for a day.”

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loves my shirt taylorswift loves it

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how does one get a taylorswift tumblr follow

September 25th 2

becky greeted me back to tumblr after not being on for a while

September 25th 5


this show is such a gift

August 3rd 32124 via source
Just a little air hockey with Taylor! She’s an amazing person that brightened our sunshines day!!! (x)
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